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    Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (HK) Co. Ltd

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    Heavy Fuel Oil / MAZUT M100GOST 10585/75

    Component                                                                                                      Contents
    Ash content                                                                                                      0, 14% 
    Mass fraction of sulphur                                                                                0, 5%    
    Temperature of the flash, not less ℃
    In the open crucible ℃                                                                                  110 min
    The temperature of solidification, not higher℃                                        25
    Kinematics viscosity                                                                                      118 max
    Water content                                                                                                  0.5%
    Mechanical impurities                                                                                   Lower than 0.1%
    Acidity                                                                                                                Lower than 5mg KOH/ 100ml
    Alkalinity                                                                                                            Nil
    Gross Calorific Value Kcal/kg  KJ/kg                                                          Min9700/41300
    ity at 15.0 deg. C Kg/I                                                                                     0.8900-0.9200
    ogen Sulfide Content (H2S) pom                                                                0.5 max
    Carbon Residual                                                                                            Lower than 7%
    Vanadium (V) ppm                                                                                         23
    Aluminium (AI) ppm                                                                                       5
    Silikon (Si) ppm                                                                                              12
    Nickel (Ni) ppm                                                                                              29
    Asphaltenes m/m                                                                                          3.6%
    Destilation @4 mm Hg
    Extrated to 760 mm Hg
     nitial Boiling Point deg. C                                                                            216
      5% recovered deg. C                                                                                   259
      10% recovered deg. C                                                                                 310
      20% recovered deg. C                                                                                 358
      30% recovered deg. C                                                                                 445
      40% recovered deg. C                                                                                 502
      50% recovered deg. C                                                                                 534
      60% recovered deg. C                                                                                 538
      75% recovered deg. C                                                                                 545
      80% recovered deg. C       
      90% recovered deg. C      -
     Final Boiling point deg. C                                                                            550
     Percent Recovered vol                                                                                 78%
     Residu vol                                                                                                      22%
     Total Nitrogen m/m                                                                                      0.192%
    Sodium (Na) ppm                                                                                          15

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