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    Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (HK) Co. Ltd

          About Us
          Industry Overview
          Crude Oil
          D2 Oil
          M-100 Fuel Oil
          L/C Issues
          Trading Information
          Business Network
          Trust and Fund
          Press Centre
          Management Team
          Contact Us



    Our Management Team

    GKP inherits most of its capabilities from its parent company Morgan Funding Organization. We draw on our worldwide presence to develop best sources of petorleum products. Our people work wholeheartedly to solve all the issues entailed in the process, such as the elusive L/C terms. Below is our directors and key managers:

    Mr. Tiga Pu: President

    Mr. Pu is an ex-banker with strong business acumen with financial savvy. Based in Beijing, he oversees the company's business as well as directs its development stragetegy.

    Mr. Bosco H. C. Wang: Managing Director

    Holding a concurrent position in Morgan Funding Organization, Mr. Wang is well versed in corporate finance and investment. He is now responsible for the overall management and operation of the company.

    Mr. Simon M. T. Yan: Director

    After years of success in running his trading business, Mr. Yan joined the company in 2006 to assist in marketing and business negotiation.

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