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    Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (HK) Co. Ltd

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    GKP is working directly with the seller's Mandate for Mazut-100 GOST 75 Sulfur Straight Run Fuel Oil with Russian origin. In addition, we have also teamed up with the legal mandates of the Middle East sellers of M-100 oil. Our job is to process the beginning of the transaction. There is no chain of brokers involved. We are willing, ready and able to close within 10 to 14 business days. We are not a deal broker and are seeking to work with Mandates for Buyers and/or End Buyers only. We are looking to transact a minimum of 100,000 metric tons per month for 12 months up to 60 months contract.

    Offering price: CIF China Port = Singapore Platts + allowance for shipping and insurance, with discount to Buyer. Serious buyer and buyer's mandate are welcome to contact us for more information and business negotiation. We do not entertain long chain brokers as to save each others precious time.

    To know the specifications of M-100 that we offer, please click here.

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