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    Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (HK) Co. Ltd

          About Us
          Industry Overview
          Crude Oil
          D2 Oil
          M-100 Fuel Oil
          L/C Issues
          Trading Information
          Business Network
          Trust and Fund
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    GKP is co-founded by Morgan Funding Organization of Canada and Alexandra Oil Supply System Co. Ltd of United Kingdom.

    Morgan Funding Organization (MFO) was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 1997 with a majority of the shares owned by Morgan Financial Group in Los Angeles, United States. Now headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the company is a Registered Professional Broker (non-government sector) of Asian Development Bank, providing international financial and business services to its clients around the world. With the support of MFO, GKP is able to achieve difficult petroleum trade transactions with up-to-date financing tools.

    Alexandra Oil Supply System Co. Ltd is mainly responsible for transferring its worldwide connections in the oil industry to GKP. The company also adivses on technical issues in petroleum trading.

    GKP is closely linked to Gulf KIngdom Energy Trust and Funds Ltd, which is registered in United Kingdom. Also established by Morgan Funding Organization, the Fund aims to tap into Asia's immense energy markets, especially the sector in Mainland China. It will identify, acquire, develop, redevelop, operate and exit lucrative energy projects in the region. The Fund is managed by a group of highly professional and experienced staff with strong business sense to identify and capture investment opportunities in China's energy sector.

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