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    Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (HK) Co. Ltd

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          Crude Oil
          D2 Oil
          M-100 Fuel Oil
          L/C Issues
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                                                IMPORTANT NOTICE 


    Our company ( Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (Hong Kong) Company Limited ­英國海皇石油(香港)有限公司) has recently received some enquiries about if a company named Gulf Kingdom Petroleum Corporation Limited(英國海皇石油股份有限公司)is our associate or alliance or cooperation partner. We strongly announce that Gulf Kingdom Petroleum Corporation Limited(英國海皇石油股份有限公司)is not related to our company.

    Our company has assigned a lawyer to follow up the relevant issues. It is presumably that the Gulf Kingdom Petroleum Corporation Limited(英國海皇石油股份有限公司)will be alluded to our company due to the high resemblance of names. Our company will be consequently affected and jeopardized. Our company has issued a legal letter to inform the Business Registration Office, Hong Kong to request that company to change its company name. Otherwise, legal responsibility is triggered.

    To evade any loss, our clients are friendly reminded not to be misdirected by the similar confounding issues. Please refer to the below contact details and do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry.


                                    Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (Hong Kong) Company Limited.
                                                          Administration Department




    Contact Informations:

    Tel    :+852 8103 3775

    Fax   :+852 8103 3552



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